Predictive Analytics Research Solution and Execution (PARSE)

PARSE is a not-for-profit organization whose major mission is to disseminate research tools for more efficient and effective prevention and management of disease, with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

The overarching goal of this organization is to provide analytical algorithms, made publicly and freely available, that can be used to accurately diagnose a disease, predict disease progression and treatment response.

The organization also aims to develop comprehensive education and outreach programs. We will provide statistical support on predictive analytics to public health and clinical researchers from not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions.


Clinical and public health researchers can use our tools to recommend individualized disease prevention and treatment strategies to improve the effectiveness of patient care and potentially reduce healthcare cost.
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We develop well-documented open access software packages to expedite the translation of research data into knowledge.
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We collaborate with local public schools to develop K12 STEM educational programs using predictive analytics for public health as a platform.
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We provide predictive analytics support to researchers from not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions. For research consulting, please send an email with a brief project description to .

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