Data Science Summer Program

Data Science in Action: Machine Learning for Self-Driving Cars is a two week summer program to introduce programming and machine learning to high school students. During the course, students will program a neural network to recognize images and learn to make a self-driving toy car. The course will consist of theoretical and programming components. Students will be introduced to different machine learning concepts and algorithms. In parallel they will also be introduced to Python programming language, which will allow them to program the concepts they have studied.

Eligibility Requirements: High school student(rising freshman – senior), Interest in applying to college with a focus in STEM, Basic algebra, Completed application and release forms, Resume.

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Fun with Data

Collecting and analyzing data is a great way to learn about the world around us. Thanks to the internet, there are many freely available datasets anyone can analyze. This summer we will learn how to gain insights from data using statistical techniques. Our goal will be to enable all participants to seek out data and analyze it to gain new insights. We will learn how to load data in R, visualize it by making graphs, summarize and compare with techniques like regression and classification.


Example of questions we could explore:

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